Volume 25, Issue 2, Aprile 2017

  • Tutorial: Items to be included in a report on a near infrared spectroscopy project, Phil Williams, Pierre Dardenne, Peter Flinn
  • A novelty technique for the fabrication of biomedical optics phantoms with cyst-mimicking inclusions, PA Pardini, JA Pomarico, DI Iriarte
  • Study of near infrared chemometric models with low heterogeneity films: The role of optical sampling and spectral preprocessing on partial least squares errors, Carlos Ortega-Zuñiga, Kerimar Reyes-Maldonado, Rafael Méndez, Rodolfo J Romañach
  • Visible/shortwave near infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral scattering for determining bulk density and particle size of wheat flour, Qibing Zhu, Yongchun Xing, Renfu Lu, Min Huang, Perry KW Ng
  • Rapid and nondestructive analysis of deep-fried taro chip qualities using near infrared spectroscopy, Suthatta Areekij, Pitiporn Ritthiruangdej, Sumaporn Kasemsumran, Nantawan Therdthai, Vichai Haruthaithanasan, Yukihiro Ozaki
  • Leaf reflectance and transmission properties (350–2500 nm): Implications for vegetation indices, Genevieve M Berard, Edward A Cloutis, Paul Mann
  • An alternative for the calculation of derivative spectra in the near-infrared spectroscopy, Liudmil Antonov, Chenhao Cui

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