Volume 25, Issue 1, Febbraio 2017

  • Comparison of partial least squares regression, least squares support vector machines, and Gaussian process regression for a near infrared calibration, Chenhao Cui, Tom Fearn
  • Calibration transfer across near infrared spectrometers for measuring hematocrit in the blood of grazing cattle, Xuan Luo, Akifumi Ikehata, Kunio Sashida, Shanji Piao, Tsutomu Okura, Yutaka Terada
  • Development of a near infrared calibration model with temperature compensation using common temperature-difference spectra for determining the Brix value of intact fruits, Piyamart Jannok, Yoshinori Kamitani, Kazunori Hironaka, Michio Shibayama, Sumio Kawano
  • Temperature compensation for determination of moisture and reducing sugar of longan honey by near infrared spectroscopy, Chalermpun Thamasopinku, Pitiporn Ritthiruangdej, Sumaporn Kasemsumran, Thongchai Suwonsichon, Vichai Haruthaithanasan, Yukihiro Ozaki
  • The spatial composition of porcine adipose tissue investigated by multivariate curve resolution of near infrared spectra: Relationships between fat, the degree of unsaturation and water, Klavs Martin Sørensen, Søren Balling Engelsen
  • Classification of freshwater fish species by linear discriminant analysis based on near infrared reflectance spectroscopy, Hao Lv, Wenjie Xu, Juan You, Shanbai Xiong
  • Classification of fish meal produced in China and Peru by online near infrared spectroscopy with characteristic wavelength variables, Guanghui Shen, Lujia Han, Xia Fan, Xian Liu, Yaoyao Cao, Zengling Yang
  • Applicability of near infrared spectroscopy for detecting post-fumigated weevils in packaged rice, Puttinun Jarruwat, Prasan Choomjaihan

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