CRA-W Gembloux (Belgium) 13 March—17 March 2017

In this 10th anniversary training you will have a complete overview of the theory of the spectroscopic and chemometric methods most commonly used. This will be completed with dynamical practical  sessions in multidisciplinary laboratories, which will give you some tips and tricks useful when dealing with spectroscopy and chemometrics.

Chemometrics applied to vibrational data
Exploratory analysis
Data visualisation
Principal component analysis
Outlier detection
Uncertainty estimation
Quantification and classification
Multivariate calibration
Partial Least squares PLS
Multiple linear regression MLR
Support vector machines SVM
List of speakers
Ian Murray
Paolo Berzaghi
Tom Fearn
Abbas, Ouissam (MIR spectroscopy)
Baeten, Vincent (Raman / Sampling)
Dardenne, Pierre (NIR considerations)
Ferna ndez Pierna, Juan Antonio (Chemometrics)
Vermeulen, Philippe (Hyperspectral Imaging)
Vincke, Damien (Hyperspectral Imaging)
Lecler, Bernard (Transfer/Standardization)
Minet, Olivier (NIR networks)
Sinnaeve, Georges (NIR online)

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